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A Note From Liam’s Mom

The Perk family first consisted of our two Weimaraners, Loyd and Chesey, then the addition of our two beautiful children, Liam and Lyla. The six of us!

Why was December 22nd any different than any other day? We were all up eating breakfast, drinking coffee, getting ready for Christmas. “Front porch, Mommy”, Liam said. It was cold that morning. We didn’t go to the porch and eat our breakfast as we would do especially on Tuesdays when it was garbage day. Liam loved to say “Hello” to the guys. They would blow the horn for him. My last precious moment of Liam was of him running down the hallway to his room, his feet pattering on the floor. It seemed like seconds later Joey was running out with Liam lifted high in his arms in a voice I will never forget “call 911”. Those next seconds turned into what seemed like hours before the ambulance arrived. My little boy’s life drained right out of him. Joey, Liam, Loyd, and I were all on the porch when they arrived. Police officers to follow. Where is the dog? He’s right here, “Loyd”. “This dog?” they said.

After returning home from the hospital without Liam and no dogs in the house, I said to my sister we need to let people know. I didn’t know what I wanted to let people know at that point, but as the days and weeks progressed we started
learning a lot about dog body language.

Why was this morning different for Loyd? It wasn’t to us, but to Loyd it was his point that he had enough. Enough of what? I thought everyone got along. After much researching and educating ourselves on dog body language, I realized that Loyd was uncomfortable with my little Liam.

When people hear of what happened they will say my dog doesn’t bite. He’s good with kids. He’d never do that. Well, do you think we thought our dogs would!! Loyd was a very high energy dog, but not vicious. A dog does not need to be vicious to bite. All dogs have the capability of biting. They will if they want to and there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop it when it happens. Dogs can bite in .025 seconds. That’s what people need to know.

The Liam J. Perk Foundation was created in an effort to educate parents and dog owners through seminars, school presentations, and events to provide a safe environment for children and dogs as a family.

It is important for dog owners to understand what their dog’s body language is saying to them and intervene when necessary. From the socialization of the young puppy between 9-14 weeks old to proper mental and physical exercise for your maturing dog through all stages of life. Parents need to know how to introduce a baby into the home and continue nurturing that relationship through the teenage years. As children and dogs age their needs change, and we as parents need to be there for our children and dogs to keep the communications open for a continual safe environment.

Our ultimate goal is to have educational materials readily available at pediatrician and veterinarian’s offices, animal shelters, birthing centers, businesses and many more who want to help us spread information to families.

The Liam J. Perk Foundation was founded in March 2010. Co-Founded by: Joseph and Carrie Perk. Liam’s mommy and daddy and Henry and Laurie Posey, his uncle and aunt.

Meaning behind our Logo Creation
Our logo is a silhouette of an actual picture taken of Liam and Joey on one of our favorite Saturday strolls, Glover Bright Boardwalk. We set this in a sunset typesetting with our colors tangerine and lime and sent off to a family friend who completed it.

“It evokes “Play” as a ball, it “completes a circle” and the metaphor of “continuation” and the “never-ending cycle” of life is intact and whole. It is “the circle of life” and all the strengths and inspiration that have begun, and will continue to live as the Liam J. Perk Foundation evolves.” – Christopher Radcliff

I’ve started saying that growing Liam’s foundation is all I have…so I must grow it as I would be growing him into a fine young man.

Carrie Perk

Liam’s mommy